Drivers and effects of morphological developments of beach and foreshore nourishments on meso-scale domain – data mining and modelling

WA 3 aims at deriving key drivers, processes and effects of morphodynamics on the borrowing and dumping sites of nourishments in the meso-scale domain. It considers metocean data analyses and parameters provided by WA 2 as drivers and interlinks system processes and impacts on regional scale with near-field investigations conducted in WA 4 and WA 5. Long-term morphodynamic data provided by the coastal authorities are taken as input and validation basis. Numerical modelling tools will hindcast the behavior of past nourishments, predict the development of future nourishment campaigns and optimize operational schemes. This study will finally develop an analytical tool to assess the efficacy of nourishments based on parameterized leading processes and robust indicators for practical application.

Project Partner: LuFI, Hannover