WP 1

Shore nourishments are carried out worldwide since more than half a century, which led to a sound practical experience. This experience is majorly based on monitoring the morphological changes at the coastline and several accompanying scientific studies on beach erosion. Economic effects, e.g. minimizing the costs of a nourishment campaign or the impact on tourism, have always been a defining factor in the planning of shore nourishments, but were not intensively investigated scientifically so far. The latter also applies to the impact on the ecosystem, which is increasingly considered since only about a decade with a more emphasis on the recovery of the extraction site than the impact on the nourishment site. Many aspects concerning an EAM for shore nourishments are already considered in practice, but are not regarded holistically in the current planning and design of shore nourishments. In a recent study by WWF Germany (WWF, 2015) different shore nourishments were compared and analyzed in terms of a SWOT analysis, considering morphological, ecological and partly socio-economic aspects at both, the extraction and the nourishment site. This can be interpreted as first step in the right direction, but an EAM for shore nourishments, covering the extraction as well as the nourishment site still needs to be developed.